About TeamUncut

Foreskin.  Yes I said foreskin.  Most people in the United States might not know what foreskin or uncut means.  We are here to discuss it!  All baby boys are born with foreskin on their penis.  In fact, it’s part of the whole package!  Foreskin is normal, healthy, serves many purposes, and feels great for him and his partner.  If you still have your foreskin, you are not circumcised.  You are intact, or in more common terminology, uncut.  You are okay!  There is nothing wrong at all with being uncut.  More than 80% of the males in this world are uncut!  Americans are not used to uncut men, but that is changing.  The infant circumcision rate in America is dropping.  Soon us uncut guys will out number the cut guys.

We are who we are, and we have what we have.  For you cut guys out there, the choice, YOUR choice, was most likely taken away from you shortly after birth.  This site is still for you too! You can help by: showing your support and if you have any sons in the future, leave them whole.

Teamuncut serves to dispel any myths regarding the foreskin and being uncut.  We want to reach out to all the thousands of uncut guys in America, and across the globe, but most importantly in America, to let them know that being uncut is absolutely OKAY and NORMAL!